Greetings! In the traditional stone products supply, Zion Stone has always been dedicated to offering you the finest stone products. As the stone industry faces challenging times, we understand that continuous innovation and progress are crucial in delivering added value to you. With this in mind, the founder of Zion Stone established “Meta Typhon”, aiming to meld cutting-edge technology with the traditional industry to create an unparalleled experience.
This is not just a technological upgrade, but a new avenue for our communication. Technology has introduced fresh topics in our conversations, fostering deeper and more lasting interactions. We recognize that the longer we engage with clients, the more profound the understanding and trust between us. This underpins our relentless quest for excellence and progress: to establish a closer collaboration with you and provide a more comprehensive and satisfactory service.
Metaverse Technology :
▪VR : Immerse you in our stone exhibition, authentically showcasing the texture and intricate details of our stonework.
▪MR : Leveraging Apple or the latest Quest 3 to simulate the stone’s presentation in real-world settings.
▪AR : With just a smartphone, visualize how our stone looks in real environments, offering a direct reference for your choices.
▪Blockchain : Ensuring convenient and secure payments.
AI Technology :
▪Automated PPT Generation: Assist in creating product presentations for various stone types, swiftly capturing the unique allure of our stone.
▪Image Restoration & De-cluttering: Using AI, we present the purest and clearest visuals of our stone.
▪AI-Driven Apps: Smartly generate websites or mobile applications, enhancing work efficiency and user experience.
Online Application :
▪Business Mall: We’ve designed a global online store offering a seamless shopping experience. Wherever you are, you can effortlessly select our stone tools and other items, and securely pay via PayPal. We also provide professional express delivery to ensure products safely and punctually reach you.
▪3D Object Display: Showcase three-dimensional stone models on our website, viewable on mobile devices, allowing customers to better grasp our understanding of stone projects.
▪Digital Human Anchor Videos: Harnessing advanced digital human tech, we simulate our company’s representative to present in our videos. This not only boosts video production efficiency but also solidifies and enhances our brand’s image and trustworthiness.
Amidst the tech tide, Zion Stone and Meta Typhon walk hand in hand, committed to perfectly blending tradition and innovation, offering you a richer collaboration experience. We deeply realize that only through ceaseless innovation can we stand firm and travel farther in this era. Technology transforms life, and we’re eager to witness this epochal change alongside you.
We eagerly anticipate deeper discussions with you, striving for a brighter future together.
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