Why Choose Us?

In the internet age, finding a new supplier is easy for everyone in just a few minutes. However, we believe that choosing us will be your best decision as we can become your trusted business partner.

Here’s why:

1.We have extensive experience in natural stone.

a. Some staff members in our company have over 20 years of experience, and we have worked with many different types of stone in China. We have established strong and long-lasting relationships with numerous stone factories in various areas.

b. We provide the latest information about Chinese stone and can find new, unique stone for you.

c. We offer free stone pictures and information you require.

d. We are skilled in CAD and provide free CAD services. We can help you print and check drawings for free.

e. We quickly respond to your quotation requests and can help you prepare samples.

f. We offer competitive prices while considering a reasonable profit.

2.We know the international business way.

We take pride in being the most honest Chinese business people, and we always tell the truth to our clients.

As natural products, stones may sometimes cause trouble, and we cannot avoid it.

However, we never hide these problems from our clients. Instead, we discuss the issues with them and find the best possible solutions together.

Cooperation is essential to us, and we strive to maintain long-term relationships with all our clients.

3.We have a very open business approach.

As a young company, we are always open to new styles and ideas. Our business approach is highly transparent and client-friendly.

Here’s how:

a. We allow our clients to put other suppliers’ products in our container.

b. We can even help our clients pay for other Chinese suppliers.

c. We can act as a third-party inspector if our clients require our assistance.

d. We can help our clients find other products besides stone products. We can share factory information directly, and we offer a 5% to 10% discount (based on the quantity) on factory prices for exports to our clients. Everything is transparent, and our clients can rely on us for complete openness.