Every businessman wishes a successful business without any troubles. But in fact, troubles always appear without any notice. Reducing troubles as much as possible, and how to solve the problems when they occur is very import for a company. Here, we want to share some experiences when we met the such problems.
When troubles come
As our client request, wooden packaging must be fumigated and stamped with a valid IPPC mark marked on two sides. Fumigation is a very serious problem for our client custom clearance overseas. Normally our inspector checks every crate very strictly in our factory before all crates are transported to our loading yard. Then we will check them again before the container loading. But one day we found a wooden crate without IPPC mark in our loading yard. We stopped the container loading immediately, and arranged fumigation on the loading yard. We always make sure that all the crates are according to the IPPC standard, to avoid unexpected trouble for our client.
When the Forklift upload the crates, one crate fell down from the truck. The delivery time is always the most pressing problem. Our client cannot accept any container delays. We arranged that our factory would work overtime in order to produce a new crate, so we worked all night for it. Finally we got the new crate the next morning and loaded it in the container in time.
Our client requested a mix-loading of some complex orders in one container. We found out that the free length slabs were to long. The container space was not big enough. After we discussed the problem with the client we decided to hire a worker to knock off parts of the slabs, so we could load the container smoothly.
My company would take the risk if our client would find any damaged slabs.
It turned out to be a sad story. This factory was located in a far away laying mountain area. The mountain path was rugged and uneven. The truck overturned on the way, by which most of the crates were broken during this accident. We informed our client at the first possible moment and decided to reproduce all tiles for our client for free. We gave a discount for the shipping delay, and also paid for the raised shipping freight.
Few years ago, We met a typhoon, It really was a frightening typhoon, It destroyed many stone factory in that year. Unfortunate, It hit our factory too, The production was forced to stop work many weeks. Our client understood the situation, but the delivery time was so tight. If delay, Our Client have to pay a lot money. After discussed, we move out the order to other factory in another area. To catch the delivery time, we was very conscientious in the performance of our duties, And we deliver out all order on time finally.
We have been help our client prepare some heart sample for fair. But because we use carton for packing, after deliver by air, many PCS broken. We reproduce all PCS in 1~2 days, And make a strong plywood crate  for deliver. Our client get these new PCS for free in 3 days .