It is really important for the business to manage the product purchase. What counts is quality and service, Everything despond on a reliable supplier ,In this email, Let’s discussion about how to chose a reliable supplier before purchase, In ecommerce times,hope both of us can be reduce risk in our business.

Zion stone–Leon Lee

Domain name

Every company has website, and the Domain name can help you know this company real establish time. We can get domain name information from third part domain website, Like . For example, enter my company website, you will find this website already created from 2007. If a supplier website just has 1~2 years, but they said they have work many years. Maybe it is not truth.

Company Document

1) A formal Chinese company can offer you official business license.

2)Please pay attention to deposit or payment account, and check the name of bank account match with contract.

3)Other document like Certificate of origin or Insurance can be helpful. It can prove if this supplier have been export such product and has such experience

Picture Property

When you get some picture, you can read more information from its property. From example, operate in the computer, right click the picture, and choose the last “property” option. If it is an origin picture. You can know when this picture take. Even the camera type…

Of course, it just for referenced. Because some picture after compress. you can’t get its crate time.

Internet Map

Some Search Engines can give “Street View” support. Like google map, you can see many area street view from google map. You can find your supplier office or factory by address. To check its veracity.

It is very pity, Google map is not work good in Chinese area, but you still can use other search engines like: “Baidu Map” to get the information you need.

Professional Knowledge

Sometimes, ask more question about your own industry to distinguish if your supplier is Professional. Or remain some small mistake in the require or drawing, A professional and meticulous supplier may can find the mistake for you.

Above all, just referenced experience. We hope it can help you.

In fact, We also can get information from Custom date, or local commercial bureau. If you need help in Chinese area. Zion Stone will be glad to help you. Please contact us: