Tip for make stone project perfect
Thickness and Joint
The project order always has more strict quality require for thickness and Joint. Sometimes, if thickness tolerate more than +/1mm, It will means this stone can’t be install in the right place. Then it have to be carry other factory adjust the thickness from building site, It always means high cost for client.

Stone Material
Stone is a natural products, Some stone is hard to avoid its characteristic problem, Like color different, rusty, lines, spots….It is very important feedback the client any problem we meet, and find out the solve way.

Drawing understand
Contact the client, if you find something not sure in the drawing. Any small mistake, maybe will mean high lost for client. All stone size in size list, drawing, and packing list should be 100% must be coincident.

Respect the client packing requirements.
To reduce the labor cost, some projects need packing the stone based on the building areas where the stone will be placed. Maybe it will make the stone hard to pack. Then we have to discuss the best way to pack the stone. Zion stone has made many specialized packing in the past, based on our clients requirements. We can pack all trouble pieces (too long or too big) together in some small crates for the long trip.
Of course, The packing offer for project must more stronger than normal tiles packing.
Do the best finishing of every stone piece.
Some projects need a few pieces of different stone, sometimes just even a single piece. We do our best to take care of them and pack them in custom made crates.