Min order quantity:2 set

Usage: clean the stone first, then put it into the refrigerator. When you want to drink, take out the stone and put it into the wine cup. At this time, the ice stone has the same function as the ice cubes. It directly emits the power of ice and will not affect the taste of the wine.

Knowledge popularization:the so-called whisky ice tartar is a high-grade wine set for bars and homes. It was originally designed to drink ice whisky. Because the ice cubes will melt and dilute the taste of the wine, So people use “ice tartar” instead of ice. Ice wine stone is made of pure natural ingredients such as saponite, talc, obsidian, granite and marble. Some people may say that they are not clean and safe. These ingredients are pure natural, pollution-free and safe ingredients, which will not react with wine and beverages. They can be used with confidence