Project Description

Zion stone company is a very sincere team, we always treat our client as a good friend, We believed that Quality originates from sincerity.

Apart from most of Chinese stone products, we are able to offer international product origin from other Country of the World.

Example Project:
 Rosa Porinho(Country of origin:Spain)

1, We confirm a small PCS sample with client first, To be sure the correct material. 2, We choose the block on stone yard.

3, Knock a small piece or bit out from block,compare with our sample. 4, The block will be cut into slab in few days.

5, The slab will be cut into any size as client’s order. 6, We pick out the defective tiles as client quality require.

7, We do the serious quality control on every PCS stone. 8, Packing and deliver to the port on time.