Project Description

Slab From Zion Stone company

Gang saw Slab

1) Finish: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Can be made according to customers’ requirements

2) Specifications: 240 up x 120 up x 2cm &3cm. We even can supply slab larger than 300 cm up x 190 cm up for some granite.

3) Different Color: More than 100 kinds Granite from all over the world can be choose, Please sent an inquire require a referenced price list. We also supply some new Granite.

 size allowance

We can supply the square Slab with 4 cut edge. size allowance can be minimum  5cm in length and 5cm on height.
Quality Control
1,Thickness tolerance: 2cm &3cm: +/- 1mm
2,Polish must be good & bright
3,Because some Granite is very hard to avoid itself stone quality problem on the big size slab. The most important we can do for our customer, is do the reasonable size discount. We must honest to our client. Please click here to see some referenced discount.
Container Loading
We supply the most professional container loading service. We will load the container in the factory. The best quality packing.