Project Description

G654  From China

G654 granite is a dark grey color granite original from Fujian, China.

It features fine grain and coarse grain in texture. It is a very popular and highly used material for construction in European and other countries.

My company specialize in G654 materials for many years.

We’re able to supply a full line of products from G654, in all color versions.

Especially, we are very good at complex project orders.

Our products included: Flooring, Stairs, Counter-top,Wall capstone, Slabs,    Carving etc.

 G654 Fine Grain
Representative: G654 from Changtai quarryMy company can supply polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, mushroom with very competitive price.


Polished Polished

Honed Honed

Flamed Flamed
Bush hammered Bush hammered

Mushroom Mushroom
For Complex Project,We check every pcs very strictly to make sure each pcs match up with the drawing.

Complex Project Complex Project

Complex Project Complex Project

Packing Packing
G654 Coarse Grain

G654  from  Jiaomei quarry is    famous.

We also name it “Chinese Impala” .

Quality Control
1,Thickness tolerance: 1cm:  +/- 0.5mm ;  2cm: +/- 1mm
2,Size tolerance +/- 1mm or less.
3,Another quality problem on G654 surface is some tiles have the spot and     stains problem. We will do the quality control very carefully.

Black spot on surface should be small and be covered with thumb.

The surface have more than 2 spot is not allowed.

White lines Reject White lines Reject