Plastic Film

Plastic Film. It use for keep dust away when the house decorated.

Thickness 1S=0.01mm       

Thickness 2S, width can be 2 M1          

Thickness 4S, width can be 2M1,3M1,4M1       

Thickness 6S, width can be 2M1,3M1,4M1,5M1,6M1,8M1         

Thickness 8S, width can be 2M1,3M1,4M1,5M1,6M1,8M1,10M1,12M1        

Thickness 10S, width can be 2M1,3M1,4M1,5M1,6M1,8M1,10M1,12M1      

Thickness 12S, width can be 2M1,3M1,4M1,5M1,6M1,8M1,10M1,12M1