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603, 2022

How Zion Stone handle a complex stone project order

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Thank you so kindly for watching my companies this PR video on Youtu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htsFVInDWlM Please let me take 2 minutes of your time, You will know a very professional stone company from this Video. Zion Stone company (from China) not only offer easy stone products  like tiles, slab, pave stone. My company also good at offer complex project order.

611, 2021

3D drawing service for our stone projects

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Everything is progressing now a days. Many years ago, we used a pencil and a ruler to make the drawings. Later we used CAD software to make the 2D drawings. Now the 3D drawing is getting more and more popular today. A good drawing is very important. it is the first impression for our customer. A 3D model and some render picture can give our customers a good impression. It can help us to understand the order more easily.   Some time, we only get a sketch from the customer. [...]

609, 2020

We can help you buy various stone from China with very good price and quality

By |09/06/2020|Categories: News|0 Comments

Thank you so kindly for watching my companies this PR video on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Xiamenzionstone/videos/393775101298432/ This is a video we take from one of Chinese stone market,We have many stone market like this here. After stone resource integration in China,There are so many stone can choose here. It is more easy buy world stone from China.China still have very good stone process experience,and low labor cost. If you need stone from China, Zion Stone can help you. We can help you find the stone you need, process them in any size [...]

607, 2018

Stone Carving Made in China

By |07/06/2018|Categories: News|0 Comments

Stone Carving Made in China Granite---Competitive price, multiple color and grain, suitable for rough or polished process. Main for outdoor carving products. Marble--- Beautiful vein on the surface, Different color can choose for carving. Has pure white color can carve for Statue. Suitable for polished process carving. Other Basalt, rusty stone carving, suitable for park or garden. Low price offer.

106, 2017

Stone present for Children’s Day

By |06/01/2017|Categories: News|0 Comments

International Children's Day is coming. As a stone businessman, what kind of stone present suit prepare for Children?  Stone Table Stone Chair Such outdoor table and chair is very suitable for School or Park. Small Stone Carving Natural Pebble Stone Special Natural Pebble stone from Chinese River. Like the Gem. Stone Shadow carving picture Please contact us get more products information.   Of course, The greatest gift for your kids is your time, your attention, your love, your concern.

604, 2017

Tips-How to chose a reliable supplier from China

By |04/06/2017|Categories: News|0 Comments

It is really important for the business to manage the product purchase. What counts is quality and service, Everything despond on a reliable supplier ,In this email, Let's discussion about how to chose a reliable supplier before purchase, In e-commerce times,hope both of us can be reduce risk in our business. Zion stone--Leon Lee Domain name Every company has website, and the Domain name can help you know this company real establish time. We can get domain name information from third part domain website, Like http://www.whois.com/ . For example, enter my company website www.zionstone.com, you will find this [...]

1503, 2017

Xiamen Zion stone company’s 10 years anniversary

By |03/15/2017|Categories: News|0 Comments

Good Day! Mar.15 2017,Xiamen Zion stone company's 10 years anniversary. We really appreciate your kind business coorperation and support all these years. In order to serve our customers better ,we will keep on improve our service and quality control,Looking forward to our next cooperation!


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