Excel is a very helpful program. We can use it to make size lists and price lists for every project. Excel has many skills that can help us to calculate. We can make different functions help us to calculate projects faster. We are very good in using Excel to make functions which help us quickly and with accuracy.
Below is an example for a price list. Download the excel price list from our website: http://www.zionstone.com/stone/news/windowsill/windowsill.xlsx And Choose stone, type your size, in the yellow part, and get the price automaticly.
Auto cad 2D
Auto cad is a very important software program for drawing. Usually we need to translate the drawing for the stoneworker who doesn’t know English. This way we make sure that the stoneworkers will understand what they are required to produce with no room for errors.
If necessary we make a print 1:1 drawing by Auto cad, so that there is a mould for making some complex curved piece for instance.
3D Software
3D model can help us to understand what is needed easy and with accuracy. The customer can see now whether we understand their drawings completely.
Usually we use Auto Cad to make the 3D model. We also can use 3D Max and Rhinoceros for some carving. We even can offer 3D print service.