Zion Stone company (from China) not only offer easy stone products like tiles, slab, pave stone. My company also good at offer complex project order.
We have very professional stone sales team, we are young company (our company was established 2007), but We have many years experience on stone drawing. We can assist our client double check the drawing, to be sure of all the complex orders finish correct as expected.

“Made in China” is famous in the world for the competitive price, Through cooperate with us, you will also get good quality products from China. It can save cost for your company, You don’t have to come to China for explaining a lot of drawings or ‘Key Point’ every time. It’s easy to confirm everything clear and through internet.
We will offer the competitive price, The most professional information, The most perfect drawing understand, and the best quality.

After we get the drawing from our client, we will check every detail strictly. Sometime we can assist our client find small defect from drawing. Or some miss measure in the drawing.

Make 3D model can lead our worker produce in correct way. It can be more easy understand for Chinese workers.

Usually we double check our client drawing carefully. And make the size list for it.

We can study how our client will use the stone from a 3D model. This way we can see all details so we will understand the way it will be build. We can show it to our client to be sure we will make it correctly. There is not any difficult order in such way.

Some stone products have to be made in difficult different pieces. We can find the best way to produce from the 3D model and show it to our client.

For some carving, we can make a mud model from client’s sketch. We can modify it until our client is completely satisfied before we start carving.

We also can make an animation based drawing. We can study how our client plans to use the stone from such a model.

With the animation picture we can check everything all around. Our client can see exactly what we are offering before he orders.