As a stone supplier, we don’t want to make any mistakes in the production, but sometimes it happens without any warning. This will have many consequences in the construction on the site. What is our approach in a situation like that?
Here is an example of how we dealt with a situation like that:
It is a half round rail project. There are two big sides needed to make the relief sculpture.

But the designer used the same drawing for the outside and inside arc relief sculpture. Their length is a little different, so when we joined them together before packing, the inside part joint did not fit perfect.

For the best quality delivery, we had to solve this problem. Modify them or re-produce them ? We choose to redo the inside part relief. We reduced rail 1, with 1cm thickness to cut the wrong relief off. Then we used CAD to make the new drawing based on a suitable scale, and luckily the problem was solved.

Cut the inside part hole more bigger, make joint hole for suitable size by calculate.

Finally, we get perfect half round rail. We use the lowest cost solve it quickly. And deliver out order on time.

Business sometime is difficult. If you choose us—Zion Stone for cooperator, we will always help you solve trouble, make everything more easy.