Everything is progressing now a days. Many years ago, we used a pencil and a ruler to make the drawings. Later we used CAD software to make the 2D drawings. Now the 3D drawing is getting more and more popular today.

A good drawing is very important. it is the first impression for our customer. A 3D model and some render picture can give our customers a good impression. It can help us to understand the order more easily.


Some time, we only get a sketch from the customer. It just shows the customer’s general idea and the approximate size they want. We can help to make a detailed drawing, and a detailed size list for stone process.

We make the 3D model which helps us to understand the customer’s requirement.

We can give our customer many alternative plans to reduce the cost, and list everything very clearly based on the model.

We always try to make a realistic 3D model in its surrounding.

We can also make a panorama picture. The customer can see what he needs from different positions.

You can see a draft panorama picture here:


We also make a 3D animation video. Please visit our face book (Zion Stone) or contact us for a sample video.

In the future, we will offer AR and VR service. We will keep on improving our skils for our customers.  We always try to give the best possible customer service.